Romanian Achievements and Records: Queen Marie of Romania (I)

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Romanian Achievements - QM

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This is the 5th part of the series of Romanian Achievements and Records and I decided to dedicate 3 posts to Queen Marie of Romania. The counting of records/achievements will go on. Hope you enjoy it!

In 1923,Time, the now world-famous American weekly magazine, was founded. One year after its first issue, Queen Marie of Romania graced its cover, so let’s see some fun facts…


1. The cover which appeared on Aug 04, 1924 made Queen Marie of Romania the first queen to ever grace the cover of Time magazine.

In 90 years since the first issue, only other 6 queens have appeared on the cover of TIME: Queen Mary of the UK, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Queen Frederika of Greece and Queen Sirikit of Thailand. (sources 123)

2. Queen Marie…

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