Poezia ca terapie antidepresiva

Will I Ever See Daylight Again?

I feel like a bird / trapped in a suffocatingly small birdcage,/ hidden at the bottom/ of a dark basement./ I want to breakout of the blackness,/ And fly into the Light outside./ But it is an impossible task – I can’t get out./ And the thick, murky black air closes in…//

I feel like I’m in a room/ with invisible walls./ But it’s so black in the room,/ that I can’t see through the walls./ Where I go, the room goes –/ I can’t get out./ I wish someone would chain the room still,/ so that I could get out into the Light,/ But there is no escape,/ because I am the room./

(Peter Stone – A Collection of Poems about Depression)

[o traducere aici]

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