Paradoxurile libertăţii

Herr Doctor,

Sir Karl,

I have some hope that this letter will be correctly forwarded to you from Yesterday I had a philosophical debate (as a dilettant) with my daughter (incidentally, she came in this world in the year you left it). On freedom. Eventually, she decided to write a letter to Benedictus Spinoza to express some criticism on Proposition XXXIII. Apparently, she consider with serenity your warnings about the enemies of the open society and the paradox of freedom. So, I decided to write a letter to you.

Vă scriu dintr-un secol care a inceput printr-o ilustrare eclatanta a  paradoxului tolerantei: tara care a statuat toleranta ca unul dintre principiile sacrosancte ale organizarii societatii a fost lovita chiar in inima ei libera de cei care promoveaza intoleranta.

…………………………………………………….[continuarea aici]

2 réflexions sur “Paradoxurile libertăţii

  1. “Society does not want free men. They talk freedom, democracy, anything they want. But they don’t want free men. Society wants conditioned men, men who march in step”
    (Henri Charriere – “Papillon”)

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